Examples of how to use MarketSpace

A tax professional’s customer needs home insurance, the tax preparer does not sell home insurance–the tax preparer uploads the home insurance lead in the MarketSpace platform. MarketSpace sends the lead to the home insurance provider and the home insurance provider fulfills the tax professional customer’s home insurance need. MarketSpace compensates (compensation is optional) the tax professional for uploading the home insurance lead after the deal closes. The home insurance provider is selected from a group of home insurance providers or exchange partners that most closely resemble the customer’s request which is never solely based on the price of the service.

Another way to use MarketSpace

A real estate broker wants to increase her listings in a given area of town, she offers a MarketSpace pre-paid MasterCard or Visa debit card as a sales incentive to the local daycare owners, MarketSpace will load the daycare owners’ debit card every time a new lead converts to a real estate purchase or sale for the real estate broker. All payments and transactions can be uploaded, managed and tracked automatically through the MarketSpace Dashboard and CRM.

There are many ways to use MarketSpace
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One tool, many uses

A CPA wants to recommend a financial planner to his client. The CPA wants a financial planner that charges a fixed fee. The CPA can search MarketSpace using the keywords “financial planner” and “fixed fees” to locate this specific type of financial planner on MarketSpace for his client. The CPA has the option to be compensated or not compensated for sending the lead to the financial planner.

Making your business easier

At a Chamber of Commerce networking event a financial advisor who specializes in clients over $500,000 connects with a real estate broker that specializes in selling homes over $1 million. The financial advisor and real estate broker use MarketSpace to become digital exchange partners (they agree to send business to each other). The financial advisor agrees to upload his clients in MarketSpace that want to purchase or sell a home over $1 million and the real estate broker agrees to upload her clients in MarketSpace that have liquid assets over $500,000. Both their exchange uploads go directly to them instead of going into the MarketSpace.

Connect and collaborate with other businesses on MarketSpace

A large affinity group (Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Rotary) wants to monetize the referrals that are naturally produced by it’s members. The affinity group signs it’s members up on MarketSpace, where the members’ referrals revenues can be shared with the large affinity group or it’s charitable foundation.

A University Chancellor is not sure if the university has the best asset manangement firm for it’s endowment. The Chancellor creates a request for proposal (RFP) on MarketSpace. The chancellor invites three of the best firms to submit proposals. The university will select the one that best matches their RFP criteria.

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