The MarketSpace digital platform was specifically designed to facilitate the networking and word of mouth (referrals) business model.

MarketSpace is a free digital platform where customers and businesses contribute, manage and share leads, referrals and business opportunities.  The MarketSpace digital platform is specifically designed to facilitate the processes of networking and word of mouth referrals. MarketSpace uses next generation databases, cloud technology, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and social media type communications tools to connect users and to distribute leads throughout the digital platform.  Using MarketSpace results in a better qualified lead, a higher lead conversion ratio and lower cost for business owners.  In essence MarketSpace allows businesses to create their own leads and eliminates the high cost of business acquisition.

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65% of all global business transactions are conducted through networking and word of mouth referrals. Yet, there is not a digital platform to support marketing for networking and word of mouth referrals (until we invented MarketSpace) which account for $48 trillion a year in GWP (Gross World Product).  Search engine companies and SEO’s, radio, T.V. advertising and other middle men do not support the networking and word of mouth business model.

How To Get on MarketSpace
  • Michael Etomi, MD, MPH, FASN, Metrolina Nephrology Associates

    I had the opportunity of using MarketSpace recently to refinance my home mortgage/equity loans. The experience was extremely valuable and the results were very commendable. Through the MarketSpace product, I got connected to Capital Bank whom thereafter walked me through the whole process rather seamlessly. In fact, in my mind, Market Space is to the financial world what Expedia is to the travelling industry or what is to the hotel industry. The interest rates I got were extremely competitive and 2% points lower than when I tried to renegotiate with my existing vendors and there were no hidden charges. I would recommend it without any reservation whatsoever and I intend to continue to use Marketspace.

  • Winston Shell, President & CEO , Expedited Trucking, LLC

    The process was very smooth, closing within 30 days from the initial contact with MarketSpace. The goal of locating the appropriate lender was also easy, beginning with the MarketSpace interview where I outlined what I was looking for in a lender, such as loan terms, responsiveness, and expertise. Within just a few days, the appropriate lender was matched with my preferences. Since both the lender and I were on the same page, the loan process was able to get under way immediately. I was so impressed by the service provided by MarketSpace that I am currently seeking additional transactions to place through the platform and I have also become an investor in the company!

How to Use MarketSpace to Purchase a Lead
Accessing leads is easy as 123.
View MarketSpace Leads
Select Payroll Lead
Make a Proposal
How MarketSpace Works

A daycare owner wants to increase daycare enrollment, the daycare owner can offer parents a MarketSpace pre-paid Mastercard or Visa debit card as a sales incentive, MarketSpace will load the the parent’s debit card with the incentive amount every time a new lead converts to a new daycare enrollment.

All payments and transactions can be uploaded, managed and tracked automatically through the MarketSpace Dashboard and CRM.

MarketSpace Current Users


Fifth Third Bank


ADP-Small Business


Allen Tate Real Estate


Park Sterling Bank


Capital Bank


South Park Capital




Charles Schwab


Park South Group


Solidan Capital


Entouch Wireless


Carver Bank

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